Professional Conference Calls

Conferencing is widely used to reduce costs in businesses, shrinking the office footprint, reducing travel time whilst increasing collaboration and productivity.
Conferencing calls
Meeting your needs

Our conferencing is scalable, working from cloud based software so the service can be accessed anywhere in the world, from any compatible device.

  • 120 international dial-in numbers
  • Online call portal for self-managed conferencing
  • Call recording, digital transcriptions and analytics
  • Reservationless conferencing or schedule a call
High quality Conference calling
Quality and service

Using the latest technology we provide high call quality that is both simple and cost effective. Each user can create rooms, book calls and more.

  • Highest quality sound and technology
  • Record your call
  • Lock the call, to prevent others from joining
  • Mute Participants
Bringing remote workers closer together
Secure and flexible

You’re in charge of security; deciding what level of control you apply to each call, making changes to meet your needs. You can add as many users as necessary.

  • Dial out to include new participants
  • 1Host and participant PINs are unique to each user, therefore preventing anyone else accessing a customer’s virtual meeting room.

For a no obligation demonstration of our conferencing portal please contact us either by phone or Email.

"We are confident that we are more cost effective than other well-known conferencing services."